Shirley's world of wonders

About Me
          y name is Shirley. I'm 27 years old female. I live in Sta. Cruz, Manila, Philippines but currently working here in Singapore. I am graduate of Mass Communication.

Somebody who cares is enough.

I love my dogs, travelling, pizza, pasta, cakes, chocolates, ice cream, horror/comedy films, blue and black, magazines, collecting and cars.

I also love Malling, clothes, shoes, bags, jewelleries, gadgets but i am not a shopaholic.
Spending my extra time on the web, chatting, texting, DVDs, singing, driving, talking and sleeping.
I am happy with the simple things. I don't ask for more today because thereís a lot :)
I am not expressive but I know Iím sweet in my own way.. I hate to please its upto you if you'll love me or not. i don't care. I thank if I was given and I apologize if my mistake.

Believe in this: "respect begets respect while love begets love."

"Love is a commitment, you should not base love only on your feelings because if you do, whenever there are problems in the relationship you'd want to quit. But if you are committed you're going to try harder to make it works no matter what it takes.
by: Shirley narra